Forough Rostamian

head_shotForough Rostamian  specializes in Persian miniature painting. She was born in 1957 to an artistic and educated middle-class family in the city of Bojnord, Iran. This city used to be called “little Paris”, a place famous for fashion and style, and it was here where she learnt the art of classical Persian miniature painting.  She studied and was influenced by  Master Artists in Iran such as Alijan Pour and his student Azra Lazemy. She was formally trained in oil painting techniques by Mr Delavari and has had many exhibitions in Iran.  Forough attended University in Tehran studying Economics and continued her studies in the USA where she obtained a Masters Degree in Finance from the Boston University and later completed a PHD in Tehran in Business Management.  She migrated to Australia in 2012 and has been actively pursuing her passion for creative arts. She is an accomplished singer and visual artist.