Azadeh Yaghoubi

headshot_AzadehYAzadeh Yaghoubi was born in 1979, Tehran and immigrated to Australia  in 2014. Azadeh has a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) and she pursued her education in art in vocational and technical  organizations in Iran where she had the privilege of working with professional artist teachers such as Nasrin Davari, Elham Jafarian and Behrooz Baktash. She has held solo and group exhibitions in Tehran, Perth and Sydney. Azadeh’s works are predominately semi-abstract paintings that explore mood, texture and culture. Her intention is to translate her connection to this internal energy onto every canvas by telling a story with colours, shapes, and figures. Every stroke is a manifestation of her deep rooted spirituality and emotion. She experiments with many different techniques and materials such as: oil, acrylic, water-colours, chalk pastel, graphite pencils, texture and ceramics.  Azadeh also runs private art classes in painting.