Atefeh Hekmat

AtefehAtefeh Hekmat was born in 1972, she has a degree in Psychology from Azad University, Tehran.  Atefeh also studied photography and worked as a professional photographer for Emetis Talar Wedding Function Centre. She has been painting landscapes and figurative work for the last 15 years under the tutelage of Ostad Jafar Shahir in Tehran. Atefeh is currently living in Western Sydney, Australia. She has had many solo and group exhibitions in Iran and Australia. Her artistic practice centers on oil and acrylic painting on canvas.  She has a great love of nature and her works predominately reflect the changing moods of the landscape. Her works are dynamic and represent her desire to connect with her inner journey as an artist.

Atefeh also runs private art classes, workshops and demonstrations. For more information contact IWVAC-Australia.

See more of Atefeh’s work on her website