Farzaneh Khosravi


Farzaneh Khosravi was born in 1988 in Tehran and moved to Australia in 2015. She is based in Perth, Western Australia. Farzaneh has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and has studied under various Master Artists in Iran. Raised in an artistic family, her Grandfather was a Marquetry and calligraphy expert and her Mother a skilled stained-glass artist, Farzaneh pursued her passion for art officially in 2011 undergoing an apprenticeship in Marquetry. She continued expanding her skills and creative expression in oil and acrylic painting.

Farzaneh has held solo and group exhibitions in Tehran presenting her “Inspiring Nature” and “Let’s Dance” painting collection. In 2015 she started on of the largest wall installations in Adelaide and finished in 2016, showcasing the New York City skyline in relief marquetry technique. The focus in her practice has more recently shifted to abstract and impressionist painting. Farzaneh’s work aims to express new ways of communicating with nature, indeed she is greatly influenced by nature, her works explore texture, colour and mood; she believes the nature is the mother of everything and understanding her will uncover the pure meaning of our purpose on this planet.

Farzaneh works with a wide range of materials and processes. She is involved in public art installations and projects in Perth as well as private art classes in sketching and painting.

See more of Farzaneh’s works on her website.