Daneha (Seeds)

20180702_081359.jpgDaneha (“Seeds” in English) is a new exhibition opening on 5th July at The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Center, featuring the work of IWVAC-AUSTRALIA founder Nazanin Marashian among other Persian and Afghani artists.

The exhibition is a multi-faceted artistic program made up of a visual arts exhibition, artist talks, musical performances and theatre.

Daneha explores the displacement of the Afghan community across the globe, and the cultivation of roots in foreign, unfamiliar soil.

Nazanin worked closely with the community group “Afghan Women on the Move” lead by Maryam Zahid to create artworks that feature in the exhibition. These artworks reflect individual hopes and dreams, seeding intentions for their new life in Australia.

Nazanin’s large scale installation, Star Seed, made from spices found in the Afghan kitchen, further connects to the empowerment of women through the symbol of the eight pointed star. Multi-layered in meaning, the work speaks to both ancient Goddess emblem of Innana/Ishtar, the elements and cardinal directions of a compass.

Daneha continues until 9th September: featuring new works by Avan Anwar (Melbourne), Elyas Alavi (Adelaide), Zainab Haidariy (Germany), Nazanin Marashian (Sydney), Gerrie Mifsud (Sydney) and internationally acclaimed and Blacktown-based artist Khadim Ali.

Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Center, 78 Flushcombe Road, Blacktown

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Admission to the visual arts exhibition is free.


9839 6558

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