Anahita’s Dream

This exhibition is part of The Red Project, a North Sydney Council Arts & Cultural event exhibiting artworks by 74 women at 6 venues throughout the month of March, in celebration of creative women in North Sydney and International Women’s Day

North Sydney Council has invited IWVAC-Australia artists among other acclaimed Australian artists to participate in a series of exhibitions to be held at six Council venues in March 2018.

The Red Project takes as its theme the colour “red” as a colour associated with the earth, energy, strength, power, action, determination as well as passion, desire and love.

IWVAC-Australia artist’s Nazanin Marashian, Negin Chahoud, Sepideh Farzam, Farina Salehi and Azadeh Yaghoubi have responded to this theme with their exhibition “Anahita’s Dream” to be shown in the North Sydney Councils inTransit Space inside Nth Sydney Council Chambers.


Anahita, an ancient Persian Goddess,  is considered as the ‘Persian Aphrodite’ and patron of women. She is goddess of fertility, protector of the waters, of animals, and goddess of war. She represents all aspects of life and death – the mother, the lover, the protector and destroyer.

Anahita’s Dream recalls the power, beauty and sovereignty of this ancient goddess through classic and contemporary symbolism. Marashian’s paintings and fabric collages reference goddess worship and ritual of the ancient world, honouring the sacred feminine through the elements of water and fire. Chahoud’s painting expresses the divine love and passion that Anahita ignites. Farzam and Salehi create abstractions of texture re-calling a deep reverence for nature and the internal dialogue of the feminine psyche. Yaghoubi uses classical Persian symbolism infused with personal motifs to speak about the inward journey of purification and spirituality.

The Red Project is an ART MONTH Sydney 2018 event.

Anahita’s Dream 1 March – 8 April

inTransit Art Space, 200 Miller St Nth Syndey

Open Mon – Fri  9am – 5pm



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