Memberships Now Open



2017 has been a year of exciting opportunities and creativity. IWVAC-Australia artists have engaged in many exhibitions, festivals, art workshops, art classes and the annual sponsorship of the Mirrors of Iran conference at the Art Gallery NSW.

Moving into 2018 we are excited to be part of the North Sydney Council Red Project with an exhibition called Anahita’s Dream in March as part of Art Month Sydney. We will continue to promote the work of Iranian artists and creative events through workshops, classes and engaging projects.

IWVAC-Australia membership application process has also been re-structured for 2018 to allow greater access to Iranian artists living in Australia and abroad to join our growing network.

Membership applications are open at the end of each calendar year renewing in January the following year. Giving artists access to events such as art Month, support with curatorial project development and online marketing for the vacation period and beyond.

To receive a membership application please contact us

Wishing you all a peaceful closing of 2017 and an abundantly creative 2018!

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