Mirrors of Iran | 2017 Conference

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IWVAC-Australia are proudly sponsoring this fantastic Iranica conference.

This year the Association of Iranica in Australasia, in partnership with Art Gallery NSW and the Persian International Film Festival, brings you a full day of engagement, discussion and cutting-edge research on Iranian Cinema.

The conference features cross-disciplinary discourse on the impact and presence of Iranian cinema across the globe and includes a special screening of the documentary film entitled:

76 minutes and 15 seconds with Abbas Kiarostami” and Abbas Kiarostami’s latest short film “Take me Home”.   

The conference program features keynote speaker Associate Professor Negar Mottahedeh from Duke University in the United States, she will present alongside a team of Australian experts in Iranian cinema: Dr Amin Palangi, Director of the Persian International Film Festival; Dr Michelle Langford, University of New South Wales; Dr Rosa Holman, Deakin University; Dr Gay Breyley, Monash University and Ruby Arrowsmith-Todd, Art Gallery of NSW film programme producer.

There will also be a live ensemble performance of Persian classical music.

An event not to be missed!

Where: Art Gallery NSW, Centenary Auditorium, Art Gallery Rd, Sydney 2000

When: Sunday 8th October, 10.15am – 4.30pm

Tickets: $50 , Bookings Essential

The Association of Iranica in Australasia Inc. was founded in Sydney in 2004. This association is committed to building public awareness of the rich and diverse contribution of Iranian Culture and Heritage to our collective human experience through forums, conferences, performances and exhibitions.


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